A few years ago, I was trying to keep my son’s interest in the Strat-o-Matic baseball game. He was eight years old and just started playing Cal Ripken baseball. He played all over the field and wanted himself represented in the Strat game when we played. I know that you can order custom cards from Strat, but I like to tinker and figure things out. I set out to reproduce a card for him that looked every bit like it came from the game manufacturer.

Now, I am not smart enough to come up with the formulas that these baseball board game companies come up with to figure out the card patterns and quite honestly I don’t need to know. I like the mystique of it all. I tried to find a ball player that had good numbers but nothing so gaudy that it would take away from the game play. I chose a Dustin Pedroia card to model my son’s card after. I used a program from Adobe called Fireworks to layout the card. I have years of experience on Fireworks as I use to it for my web design work. It is not your typical program to use for this purpose, but it was what I was comfortable with and ran with it. The card came out very nicely as I just copied the basic side columns and stats at the bottom of the card. I put my son’s information across the top of the card and gave him 3’s for defense, but something wasn’t quite right on the card. It looked good, but not quite right.

At this point, I started doing some Google research trying to figure out if I could pinpoint what font Strat used on their baseball cards.  For the life of me, I cannot remember or find the link where I ran across the font called ‘Kartika’. In all my years of digital design I had never run across it and, if I did, it did not leave any lasting impression. I found a reputable link to download the font (you cannot be too careful about this part), and installed it on my computer. I opened up my document in Fireworks,  implemented the font and there it was…the familiar look that I had wanted.

I don’t know if ‘Kartika’ is the exact font that Strat-o-Matic uses, but it looks close enough to me. I have downloaded it safely from here.

If you are into making your own home brew Strat-o-Matic baseball cards, you need this font!