Strat-o-Matic card storage

Frequently, I am asked how I store my Strat-o-Matic cards or what is the best way to store them. While I feel that whatever you feel comfortable with is the best way, here is how I do it.

Now, I must admit, I LOVE the cards that came out before they switched to the blue ink on the basic side. The old black and white print just takes me back to my childhood playing SOM with my best friend. For this reason, some of these old cards are very valuable to me and I want to do what I can to keep them safe from the elements.

4" x 6" zip lock bag

4″ x 6″ zip lock bag



I appreciate the fact that SOM sends rubber bands with their cards to make it easier to keep teams together, but we all know what eventually happens to them due to heat and humidity. I have spent hours trying to carefully remove old hardened rubber bands from my beloved cards. Instead, I use 4″ x 6″ zip lock bags that can be purchased from multiple places. These are usually a little thicker/more durable then regular sandwich bags and give a sense of rigid uniformity. I purchase mine online at but I have also seen them at Michael’s and JoAnn Fabrics.

The great things about these bags is that I can adhere labels to them with ease (and remove them). They are water proof. I can see through them and see what team is in the bag, etc. I have peace of mind that my cards should be okay.

#2 Sterilite Clear Vue Storage Tote

Honestly, any dollar store storage tote will due. The reason I like these so much is that they clasp on the sides for easier transportation and they stack nicely due to their design. I purchase these at Target. Regular price is $2.49 and when on sale they are $1.99. Spring cleaning and going back to school sale times are when I usually see them at the cheaper price. The zip locked bags of teams go into the totes and my cards are safe and organized. I can fit 2 seasons of older card sets in a tote(think pre-expansion and a lot of extra player cards). One season of newer card sets can sit in a tote with plenty of room left over. I also put in the roster and ballpark/weather effect sheets in each tote if I have them.

That is it! Pretty simple, probably a little overkill but I enjoy this game and the cards are important to me. Any questions, please ask. Happy Rolling!

Where to get
Here are links to most of the products that I use to store my SOM cards.


JoAnn Fabrics
Not listed on their websites, but I have seen them in store for about $4.99/100

Storage Totes


** I also will be selling/listing customized storage bags for different Strat-o-Matic baseball seasons. Included will be individually labeled bags for each team. On the label will be team specific logos, records, managers and top hitters by OBP and top pitchers by IP.**