Over the years I have purchased lots of Strat-o-Matic baseball cards off of Ebay and have accumulated doubles of some products.

The following team sets are mostly from the 36 & 42 past team sets and are basic only.

I am selling the teams for $2.50 each, plus (reasonable) shipping. Most of the team sets have never been used. Also, if you want pics of certain teams, let me know. I would be happy to do that.

If you are interested in any of the team sets, please email me (admin@368tothegaps.com) with what you are interested in and I will email you back with a total. Then, if you want them, I will email you a Paypal invoice to your Paypal email address. Once you pay, I will ship out within 2 business days. To check on my feedback, my username on Ebay is ‘mapatterson117’.

I will keep the list updated as well.

As of May 28, 2017

1906 Chicago Cubs (sold)
1921 New York Yankees (sold)
1922 St. Louis Browns (sold)
1927 New York Yankees
1929 Chicago Cubs (sold)
1931 Philadelphia Athletics (sold)
1934 Detroit Tigers (blue ink)
1934 St. Louis Cardinals (blue ink)
1935 Chicago Cubs
1950 Philadelphia Phillies (sold)
1950 Philadelphia Phillies (blue ink)
1950 New York Yankees
1953 Brooklyn Dodgers (2)
1953 Brooklyn Dodgers (blue ink)
1954 New York Giants
1961 New York Yankees
1962 Los Angeles Angels
1962 San Francisco Giants (blue ink)
1965 Cleveland Indians (sold)
1966 Pittsburgh PiratesĀ  (sold)
1969 Minnesota Twins (sold)
1969 Chicago Cubs (sold)
1969 Montreal Expos(2)
1969 Seattle Pilots
1969 Atlanta Braves
1972 Houston Astros
1973 New York Mets
1974 Texas Rangers
1975 Boston Red Sox
1976 Kansas City Royals

I have more team sets and season sets listed here.

If you are looking for something you don’t see listed, please contact me. I have a ton of stuff I might never get to play and might be willing to let it go.

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