Strat-o-Matic PC As-Played Replays

1934 New York Yankees
The Yankees are 9-5 after 14 games and sit in front of the Chicago White Sox by a half game. I am primarily playing this replay for the Lou Gehrig factor, but Buster has been struggling so far. See the complete team stats in the tab below.

1997 Baltimore Orioles
The Orioles are 10-6 and sit two games out of first place. I have never really been an American League fan, but something about this team and Camden Yards drew me into playing this season. I look forward to seeing what the Birds can do. Teams stats in the tab below.

2003 Chicago Cubs
The year of Prior, Bartman, Gonzalez and what I thought would be the first trip to the World Series in my lifetime. The Cubs are off to a blistering 18-6 start and are in first place by three games over the Cardinals. Alex Gonzalez has been a monster and is coming off of a 5-5, 3 homer, 5 Rbi game in Colorado. Team stats below in a tab.

2015 Chicago Cubs
The season that was deemed “a year early”, the Cubs are sitting at 25-17 and are in first place by a game over the Pirates. In real life, this was a great pennant race down to the last week as the Cardinals, Cubs and Pirates were all within a couple games of each other fighting for division and wild card spots. They strike out a ton and are terrible with men on third and less than two outs, but the pitching has been carrying them so far. Team stats below in a tab.