Midwest Six – League Day 50

Memphis Red Sox – 3
Pittsburgh Crawfords – 11

Win – R. Brown (6-6), Loss – R. Foster (6-9)
Save – none
Homeruns – Wilson (6)

St. Louis Stars – 2
Indianapolis ABC’s – 4

Win – Bell (6-4), Loss – Winters (10-5)
Save – Williams (6)

Homeruns – Cannady 2(3)

Kansas City Monarchs – 7
Chicago American Giants- 6

Win – Mendez (2-3)  Loss – Cockrell (1-3)
Save – Redding (3)
Homeruns – Mackey (3), Torriente (4), Scales (5)

Monarchs outlast Giants in back and forth battle

Jose Mendez picked up his second victory of the season pitching an inning and two-thirds relief for the KC Monarchs. He replaced Ted Trent in the bottom of the seventh inning after a two-out walk to Jimmy Crutchfield and a single to Bernard Baro. Mendez was able to retire the ever-dangerous Cristobal Torriente on an off-speed pitch in the dirt to preserve the two-run lead.

HOF catcher Biz Mackey gave the Monarchs a two-run lead in the top of the first inning when he slugged his third tater of the season scoring Chino Smith ahead of him. Chicago fought back and took the lead in the bottom of the third when Torriente answered with his own two-run homer (his 4th) scoring Baro.

KC jumped back in front in the top of the sixth when Smith tripled to lead off the inning and scored when Tank Carr committed an error on a Ray Dandridge grounder to first. Bonnier Serrell followed with a double to score Mackey who had walked earlier in the inning. Chicago quickly tied things up in the bottom of the frame on a Tubby Scales triple scoring Josh Gibson who was on base after slicing a single to right. The Giants had a runner on third with one out but could not push across the run as Pop Lloyd lined out and Judy Johnson flew out.

Monarchs scored the game-winning runs in the top of the eight on a bases-loaded walk to Bruce Petway and a sacrifice fly by Mendez. Chicago had one last rally in them as they sandwiched doubles around a Tank Carr flyout chasing Mendez from the game. Cannonball Redding came in and retired Baro and Torriente to pick up his third save of the season.

Both teams are now 25-25 on the season.

Monarchs…….. 2 0 0 0 1 2 0 2 0 – 7 8 1
Giants………. 1 0 2 1 0 1 0 0 1 – 6 8 1

LEFT ON BASE- Monarchs: 5 Giants: 6
DOUBLE PLAYS- Monarchs: 0 Giants: 0
ERRORS- H.McNair, T.Carr
DOUBLES- A.Oms(17th), B.Serrell-2(7th), J.Johnson(9th), J.Donaldson(3rd)
TRIPLES- C.Smith(5th), T.Scales(4th)
HOME RUNS- B.Mackey(3rd), C.Torriente(4th), T.Scales(5th)
RBIs- B.Mackey-2(42nd), B.Serrell(14th), B.Petway-2(2nd), J.Mendez(1st),
C.Torriente-2(30th), J.Gibson(29th), T.Scales-2(31st), J.Donaldson(4th)
WALKS- B.Mackey-2, R.Dandridge, B.Petway, J.Crutchfield-2, B.Baro
STRIKE OUTS- D.Moore-2, A.Oms, B.Serrell-2, C.Torriente-2, P.Lloyd, O.Johnson
2-out RBI- B.Mackey-2, C.Torriente-2
RLISP 2-out- T.Scales, H.McNair, T.Trent-2, J.Johnson, C.Torriente-2, D.Moore
TEAM RISP- Monarchs: 2 for 9 Giants: 1 for 9

Cannady crushes two taters

Second baseman Rev Cannady launched 2 homeruns as the Indianapolis ABC’s defeated the St. Louis Stars by a score of 4 to 2 at Comiskey Park.

Indianapolis took the lead in the bottom of the 3rd inning scoring a single run on 2 base hits. Willard Brown singled, moved to second on a wild pitch and later scored on a Cool Papa Bell single. Both teams totaled 8 hits on the afternoon.

The victory was credited to William Bell(6-7) who went 8 innings, allowing 2 runs. Tom Williams gained credit for his 6th save. Nip Winters(10-5) was hit with the loss.

‘I had a little blister on my index finger before the game, but I thought it was nothing.’ Bell said. ‘I was lucky I got a win because I couldn’t put the ball where I wanted it.’

Stars……….. 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 – 2 8 0
ABC’s……….. 0 1 1 1 0 0 1 0 x – 4 8 2

LEFT ON BASE- Stars: 9 ABC’s: 4
DOUBLE PLAYS- Stars: 0 ABC’s: 2
ERRORS- L.Brown, W.Bell
DOUBLES- S.Poles(4th), W.Brown(11th)
TRIPLES- W.Wells(2nd)
HOME RUNS- R.Cannady-2(3rd)
RBIs- R.Parnell(33rd), W.Wells(42nd), C.Bell(21st), R.Cannady-2(30th), W.Bell
STOLEN BASES- S.Poles(7th)
WALKS- M.Dihigo, B.Taylor, D.Malarcher, C.Taylor, L.Brown
STRIKE OUTS- T.Stearnes, M.Dihigo, N.Winters-2, W.Wright, R.Cannady-2, W.Bell
GIDP- R.Parnell
2-out RBI- R.Cannady, W.Bell
RLISP 2-out- F.Duncan-2, H.Johnson-3, D.Malarcher
TEAM RISP- Stars: 1 for 8 ABC’s: 2 for 9

Pittsburgh pounds Rube, Red Sox

The Memphis Red Sox pitching staff was overwhelmed by the Pittsburgh Crawfords lineup who plated 11 runs while Ray Brown(6-6), with relief help from AndyCooper, surrendered 3 runs to Memphis. Buck Leonard, Alec Radcliffe, and Bill Monroe paced the Crawfords with three hits each. Rap Dixon, Sam Bankhead, and pitcher Ray Brown each had two knocks on the day.

Brown gave Pittsburgh a solid outing. He went 8 innings surrendering 7 hits and 2 walks. Brown surrendered single runs in the first two innings but then calmed down to hold the Red Sox in check until the seventh. Andy Cooper came on in relief and pitched a scoreless ninth for the Craw’s.

Rube Foster(6-9) absorbed the loss. He got hit pretty hard, allowing 15 hits and 3 walks in 5 and 1/3 innings. Rube Davis pitched the last 2 2/3 for Memphis. Jud Wilson and Superman Pennington each had two hits for the Red Sox in the loss.

Red Sox……… 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 – 3 8 1
Crawfords……. 0 0 3 3 1 2 2 0 x – 11 18 0

LEFT ON BASE- Red Sox: 6 Crawfords:11
DOUBLE PLAYS- Red Sox: 2 Crawfords: 1
DOUBLES- N.Allen(12th), S.Pennington(5th), T.Young(2nd), B.Leonard(14th),R.Brown
TRIPLES- B.Rogan(2nd), R.Dixon(5th) HOME RUNS- J.Wilson(6th)
RBIs- J.Wilson(31st), D.Creacy(24th), R.Davis, R.Dixon-2(30th), B.Leonard-3(39th), M.Suttles-2(58th), S.Bankhead(33rd), B.Monroe(18th), D.Radcliffe(4th), R.Brown
WALKS- J.Wilson, J.Beckwith, P.Hill, B.Leonard, B.Monroe, D.Radcliffe, R.Brown
STRIKE OUTS- J.Wilson, J.Beckwith-2, S.Pennington, D.Creacy, P.Hill, R.Dixon, M.Suttles, D.Radcliffe
GIDP- B.Rogan, R.Dixon, S.Bankhead
2-out RBI- J.Wilson, B.Leonard, M.Suttles
RLISP 2-out- B.Monroe, J.Wilson, S.Bankhead-2, A.Radcliff, R.Dixon, R.Brown, N.Allen, N.Joseph

Today’s Top Performers

Biz Mackey

1 for 2, 3R, 2BB, HR, 2-rbi’s

Rev Cannady

2 for 4, 2R, 2HR, 2-rbi’s

Jud Wilson

2 for 3, R, HR, Rbi

William Bell

8ip, 8H, 2R, 4K’s, Win