Midwest 6 Negro League

A custom fantasy league played using the 108 card All-Star Negro League set from Strat-o-Matic. Six teams, put together after thorough data analysis, playing 90 games each for a total of 270 league games. Follow the games, learn about the players, expand your knowledge of a once forgotten time in American Baseball History.

League Standings - Expanded

 WLPCTLast 10LeftRight
Kansas City2223.4897-38-714-16
St. Louis2025.4444-68-412-21

How it is played

I use the Strat-o-Matic baseball computer version for the replay. I attempted, by analyzing the Strat cards, to put the teams together as fairly as possible. I did not put teams together based on the history of where a player might have played most of his career in an attempt to avoid “super-teams” of years past.

Since Strat uses a basis for these cards on ‘peak seasons’ there is a lot of offense. I do everything I can within the game engine to try and throttle some of the offense.

Team rosters consist of 11 positions players and six pitchers. Five players can both pitch and play the field: Jose Mendez, John Donaldson, Double Duty Radcliffe, Bullet Joe Rogan and Martin Dihigo.

The Teams

Chicago GiantsIndianapolis ABC'sKC MonarchsMemphis Red SoxPittsburgh CrawfordsSt. Louis Stars
Bernard BaroCool Papa BellDobie Moore*Newt AllenRap DixonDick Lundy
Neil RobinsonWild Bill WrightHurley McNair*Art PenningtonSam BankheadFrog Redus
Cristobal TorrienteQuincy TrouppeAlejandro OmsJohn BeckwithBuck LeonardWillie Wells
Josh GibsonOscar CharlestonChino SmithJimmy LyonsMule SuttlesTurkey Stearnes
Tubby ScalesWillard BrownBruce Petway*Jud WilsonPete Hill*Ben Taylor*
Pop LlloydRev CannadyBiz MackeyCharles BlackwellBill Monroe*Red Parnell
Tank Carr*Home Run JohnsonBuck O'NeilDewey CreacyAlec RadcliffeSpoony Palm
Judy JohnsonCandy Jim TaylorRay DandridgeLouis SantopBill PerkinsDave Malarcher
Jimmy Crutchfield*Fats Jenkins*Vic HarrisTJ YoungChaney White*Spot Poles
Oscar Johnson*Larry BrownBonnie SerrellNewt Joseph*Jelly Gardner*Frank Duncan
Frank WarfieldGhost MarcelleJerry Benjamin*Sam HughesDick SeayBingo DeMoss
Webster McDonaldHilton SmithMax ManningSatchel PaigeSlim JonesSmoky Joe Williams
Dave BrownWilliam BellTed TrentRube FosterRay BrownNip Winters
Frank WickwareBig Bill FosterBill ByrdLeroy MatlockChet BrewerLeon Day
John DonaldsonTom WilliamsJose MendezBullet Joe Rogan*Ted Ratcliffe*Martin Dihigo
Bill HollandWillie PowellHarry SalmonEggie HensleyAndy CooperSam Streeter
Phil CockrellVerdell MathisDick Redding*Roosevelt DavisRube CurrieDizzy Dismukes

*Acquired at the Mid-Season trade deadline. For more information please see the proposed trades here.

Game Day Recaps

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Negro League Resources

Places to learn more about the Negro Leagues


A comprehensive list of Negro League books is coming soon.


NLBM – Negro League Baseball Museum
CNLBR – Center for NL baseball research
Home Plate Don’t Move – website
Agate Type – NL & Latin baseball history
Seamheads – NL Database
NLBPA – Negro Leagues Player Association
Leon Day Foundation – website
Josh Gibson Foundation – website
Team Brown Apparel

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League Leaders


Home Runs

J. BeckwithMEM13
W. WellsSTL12
O. CharlestonIND11
Q. TrouppeIND9
S. PenningtonMEM9
M. SuttlesPIT8
C. SmithKCM8
M. DihigoSTL8
R. DixonPIT8
B. LeonardPIT8


J. BeckwithMEM50
M. SuttlesPIT48
C. SmithKCM46
O. CharlestonIND41
B. MackeyKCM38
W. WellsSTL36
A. RadcliffePIT34
M. DihigoSTL33
B. LeonardPIT33
S. BankheadPIT30


B. LeonardPIT41
J. WilsonMEM39
D. MoorePIT37
T. StearnesSTL36
W. WellsSTL36
O. CharlestonIND35
J. BeckwithMEM35
M. SuttlesPIT35
W. BrownIND35
P. HillKCM35

Batting Average

D. MoorePIT.378
T. StearnesSTL.368
J. BeckwithMEM.365
C. SmithKCM.359
O. CharlestonIND.358
P. HillKCM.356
R. CannadyIND.354
B. LeonardPIT.352
C. SmithKCM.346
H. McNairPIT.341


O. CharlestonIND.454
P. HillKCM.430
T. StearnesSTL.430
B. LeonardPIT.418
R. CannadyIND.416
J. WilsonMEM.409
D. MoorePIT.404
J. GibsonCAG.398
W. WellsSTL.398
J. BeckwithMEM.394

Slugging Pct.

J. BeckwithMEM.635
O. CharlestonIND.630
D. MoorePIT.593
T. StearnesSTL.584
B. LeonardPIT.582
C. SmithKCM.571
M. SuttlesPIT.566
W. WellsSTL.543
R. DixonPIT.522
N. RobinsonCAG.520


N. WintersSTL9
B. ByrdKCM8
S. JonesPIT8
D. BrownCAG7
S. PaigeMEM7
F. WickwareCAG7
W. McDonaldCAG6
R. FosterMEM6
H. SmithIND6
Many Tied With5


W. McDonaldCAG2.81
N. WintersSTL3.08
M. ManningKCM3.10
B. ByrdKCM3.20
D. BrownCAG3.72
S. PaigeMEM3.79
S. JonesPIT4.12
W. BellIND4.38
SJ WilliamsSTL4.80
C. BrewerPIT4.84

Hits Per 9

W. McDonaldCAG8.21
N. WintersSTL8.23
S. JonesPIT8.40
M. ManningKCM8.78
D. BrownCAG9.23
L. DaySTL9.71
S. PagieMEM9.83
C. BrewerPIT10.00
W. BellIND10.35
R. FosterMEM10.63