Midwest 6 – League Day 44

 St. Louis Stars – 4

 Indianapolis ABC’s – 5

Win – Williams (3-0)  Loss – Dihigo (1-2)
Homeruns – Wells (11), Stearnes (6), Brown (1)

 Pittsburgh Crawfords – 4

 Chicago American Giants – 5

Win – Donaldson (2-1), Loss – Rogan (1-7)
Homeruns – Torriente (3)

 Kansas City Monarchs – 4

 Memphis Red Sox – 0

Win – Trent (5-7)  Loss – Foster (6-8)
Homeruns – Mackey (2)

A bobble, a bomb, and a backup hero

William Bell was well on his way to his sixth victory of the season for the Indianapolis ABC’s when a weak dribbler changed everything.

Bell was spotted an early lead when Rev Cannady lashed a two-out single in the bottom of the first to give Indy 1-0 lead. Bell helped his own cause in the bottom of the second when his groundout brought in Candy Jim Taylor, who had tripled with one out, to increase the lead to 2-0.

Leading 3-0 in the top of the sixth, Bell relinquished the lead in three batters. Spot Poles singled to lead it off and was followed by Willie Wells eleventh homer of the season. Turkey Stearnes made it back to back shots as he sent one deep into the seats in right-center field.Tie game.

Bell regained his composure and retired seven of the next nine batters. His teammates strung together back to back to back singles(Wild Bill Wright, Rev Cannady, Willard Brown) in the eighth to regain the lead 4-3.

Bell retired the first two batters in the top of the ninth to bring up catcher Frank Duncan. Duncan hit a dribbler back to the mound to seemingly end the ball game. Bell’s throw was in the dirt and first basemen Oscar Charleston could not make the scoop. Dave Malarcher followed up with a long triple to the right-center corner to tie the game at four. Exit Bell, as Charleston brought in Tom Williams and catcher Larry Brown in a double swap. Williams was able to strike out pinch-hitter Tank Carr to end the inning.

St. Louis moved Martin Dihigo from first base to the pitcher’s mound to start the bottom of the ninth inning. Candy Jim Taylor was the first batter and he lifted a lazy fly ball for the first out of the inning. Brown strolled up to the plate next with only eleven at-bats on the season. Brown took Dihigo’s second pitch and deposited it in the right-field bleachers to give the ABC’s the victory.

Stars……….. 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 1 – 4 8 0
ABC’s……….. 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 – 5 9 1

LEFT ON BASE- Stars: 5 ABC’s: 6
DOUBLE PLAYS- Stars: 0 ABC’s: 2
DOUBLES- D.Lundy(9th)
TRIPLES- D.Malarcher(2nd), C.Taylor(2nd)
HOME RUNS- W.Wells(11th), T.Stearnes(6th), L.Brown(1st)
RBIs- W.Wells-2(35th), T.Stearnes(27th), D.Malarcher(15th), R.Cannady(27th),
W.Brown(26th), C.Taylor(18th), W.Bell, L.Brown(2nd)
WALKS- R.Parnell, F.Duncan, C.Bell, R.Cannady
STRIKE OUTS- R.Parnell-2, F.Duncan, N.Winters-3, T.Carr, C.Bell, W.Bell
GIDP- T.Stearnes, D.Lundy
2-out RBI- R.Cannady, W.Brown, D.Malarcher
RLISP 2-out- W.Brown, D.Malarcher-2, C.Bell, Q.Trouppe, T.Carr
TEAM RISP- Stars: 0 for 3 ABC’s: 3 for 9

Gibson walk-off wins it

Center fielder Cristobal Torriente hit a homerun and had 2 RBI as the Chicago Giants won a dandy at Comiskey Park over the Pittsburgh Crawfords, 5 to 4.

The deciding run was scored by Chicago in the 9th. After an out was recorded, Bernardo Baro lined a base-hit. Baro got a good lead and stole second. After another out, Josh Gibson then lashed a single giving Chicago the victory as 37,367 happy fans celebrated wildly. Chicago ended up with 12 hits for the game while Pittsburgh had 8. Gibson and Baro led the way with three hits each for the Giants

John Donaldson(2-1) was the winner allowing no runs in 1/3 of an inning. Bullet Joe Rogan(1-7) was hit with the loss in relief. He surrendered 1 run and 2 hits in 2/3 of an inning.

Crawfords……. 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 – 4 8 0
Giants………… 0 0 2 0 0 1 1 0 1 – 5 12 0

LEFT ON BASE- Crawfords: 8 Giants: 7
DOUBLE PLAYS- Crawfords: 1 Giants: 3
DOUBLES- M.Suttles(13th), H.McNair(8th), N.Robinson(11th), J.Gibson(6th),
C.Torriente(11th), T.Scales(11th)
TRIPLES- S.Bankhead(6th)
HOME RUNS- C.Torriente(3rd)
RBIs- M.Suttles(48th), B.Perkins-2(16th), H.McNair(29th), N.Robinson(21st),
J.Gibson(27th), C.Torriente-2(26th), T.Scales(25th)
WALKS- D.Moore, M.Suttles-2, S.Bankhead, B.Perkins, C.Torriente, B.Taylor
HIT BY PITCH- B.Rogan, A.Radcliff
STRIKE OUTS- B.Leonard, S.Bankhead, A.Radcliff, B.Baro, N.Robinson, D.Brown
GIDP- M.Suttles, R.Brown, T.Scales
2-out RBI- C.Torriente-2, M.Suttles, J.Gibson
RLISP 2-out- C.Torriente, D.Brown-2, B.Rogan, B.Leonard-2
TEAM RISP- Crawfords: 3 for 9 Giants: 3 for 11

Trent, Mackey lead Monarchs

Ted Trent had an impressive outing at Comiskey Park where the Kansas City Monarchs beat the Memphis Red Sox 4 to 0.

Kansas City claimed the early lead in the first inning as they scored 2 runs on Biz Mackey’s second home run of the season. Mackey added on to the lead in the sixth when he singled to bring in Alejandro Oms(double). That early run support was all that Trent(5-7) required. Kansas City totaled 8 hits on the afternoon led by Pete Hill and Mackey’s two hits apiece.

Rube Foster(6-8) was the loser. He surrendered 5 hits and 4 walks in 6 innings. Newt Allen had two hits for the Red Sox.

Monarchs…….. 2 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 – 4 8 1
Red Sox……… 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 – 0 5 1

LEFT ON BASE- Monarchs: 7 Red Sox: 4
DOUBLE PLAYS- Monarchs: 2 Red Sox: 0
ERRORS- R.Dandridge, J.Wilson
DOUBLES- A.Oms(16th), C.Blackwell(9th)
HOME RUNS- B.Mackey(2nd)
RBIs- B.Mackey-3(38th), B.Serrell(9th)
WALKS- P.Hill, A.Oms, V.Harris, B.Serrell
STRIKE OUTS- C.Smith-2, R.Dandridge, B.Serrell, T.Trent-2, J.Beckwith, D.Creacy,
GIDP- J.Wilson, R.Foster
2-out RBI- B.Serrell
RLISP 2-out- J.Crutchfield, D.Creacy, B.Monroe-2, B.Mackey, A.Oms
TEAM RISP- Monarchs: 2 for 6 Red Sox: 0 for 3

Today’s Top Performers

Biz Mackey

2 for 4, 2R, HR, 3-rbi’s

Cristobal Torriente

2 for 3, 2B, HR, 2-rbi’s

Willie Wells

2 for 4, HR, 2-rbi’s

Ted Trent

9ip, 5H, 0R, 3 K’s, Win