Midwest 6 – League Day 41

 Indianapolis ABC’s – 6  F(11)

 Chicago American Giants – 7

Win – Donaldson (1-1)  Loss – Powell (1-4)
Homeruns – Scales (3), B. Taylor (2)

 St. Louis Stars – 4

 Memphis Red Sox – 5

Win – Foster (6-7)  Loss – Winters (9-4)  Save – Davis (3)
Homeruns – Lundy (3)

 Kansas City Monarchs – 6

 Pittsburgh Crawfords – 2

Win – Trent (4-7)  Loss – R. Brown (5-5)
Homeruns – Leonard (7), Dixon (8)

Taylor wallop wins wild one

The Chicago American Giants were victorious in a great game that saw the lead change hands five times. Tubby Scales gave the Giants the lead early with a two-run home run in the first inning, his third of the year.

Chicago held a 4-3 lead heading into the top of the eighth inning when Rev Cannady led things off for Indianapolis with a sharp single and moved to second on a Larry Brown ground out. Up next was Home Run Johnson. Teetering around .300 for the season, Johnson roped a single into the gap scoring Cannady and tying up the game at 4-4. Indy was able to put runners on second and third with two outs but Bill Holland was able to retire Cool Papa Bell to end the threat.

Chicago quickly re-took the lead in the bottom half of the inning as Pop Lloyd and Judy Johnson hit back to back two out doubles to put the Giants back up 5-4.

Top of the ninth, Indy has men on first and second with one out when Phil Cockrell (1.50 era) is summoned into the game to face Cannady and Brown. Cockrell retires Cannady on a lazy fly ball for the second out. ABC’s counter by sending up Quincy Trouppe to pinch hit for spot starter Brown. Trouppe sends a long double to center field plating Wild Bill Wright tying the game as Oscar Charleston was galloping around the bases. A perfect relay from John Donaldson to Pop Lloyd to Josh Gibson nailed him at the plate to keep the game tied at five.

Fast forward to the top of the eleventh, Donaldson has moved into pitch from center field for Chicago. Willard Brown leads off with a double and scores one out later on a Charleston double, 6-5 Indianapolis with one out. Donaldson settles down and gets out of the inning while only allowing an additional walk, but more importantly no more runs.

Willie Powell is on the mound for the ABC’s in the bottom of the eleventh after pitching a scoreless tenth. He induces Lloyd to ground out harmlessly to start the inning. Judy Johnson is up next and smacks a single to the left side, his fourth hit of the game. Which brings up the eight hitter, Ben Taylor. Taylor had singled back in the fifth, but grounded out in his three other plate appearances, including a double play. Taylor tattoos a hanging slider to the bleachers in left-center and the American Giants gather around home plate to welcome home the hero of the day.

ABC’s……….. 0 0 0 0 1 2 0 1 1 0 1 – 6 13 0
Giants………. 3 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 2 – 7 14 0

LEFT ON BASE- ABC’s:13 Giants: 6
DOUBLE PLAYS- ABC’s: 3 Giants: 2
DOUBLES- C.Bell(15th), W.Brown(9th), W.Wright(5th), O.Charleston-2(10th),
Q.Trouppe(7th), C.Taylor(5th), P.Lloyd(9th), J.Johnson-2(7th)
TRIPLES- T.Scales(3rd)
HOME RUNS- T.Scales(3rd), B.Taylor(2nd)
RBIs- O.Charleston(41st), L.Brown(1st), Q.Trouppe(27th), H.Johnson-2(22nd),
W.Bell, J.Gibson(26th), T.Scales-2(23rd), J.Johnson-2(25th),
WALKS- C.Bell, O.Charleston-2, R.Cannady, L.Brown, Q.Trouppe, H.Johnson,
G.Marcelle, J.Gibson, P.Cockrell
STRIKE OUTS- O.Charleston, R.Cannady, W.Bell, B.Baro, J.Donaldson-2,
C.Torriente-2, D.Brown-2
GIDP- O.Charleston, G.Marcelle, J.Donaldson, C.Torriente, B.Taylor
2-out RBI- T.Scales-2, J.Johnson, Q.Trouppe
RLISP 2-out- R.Cannady, J.Johnson, C.White, C.Torriente-2, W.Bell-2, D.Brown,
C.Bell-3, B.Taylor, H.Johnson
TEAM RISP- ABC’s: 3 for 16 Giants: 2 for 9

Creacy slugs in win

One run was the difference at the ballpark as the Memphis Red Sox defeated the
St. Louis Stars 5 to 4.

Memphis scored 2 runs in the decisive 6th inning when they came up with 3 base
hits. They ended up being the winning runs. St. Louis made it exciting in
the 9th, but they were unable to push the needed runs across.

The win was credited to Rube Foster(6-7) who went 7 innings allowing 3 runs.
Roosevelt Davis was credited with his 3rd save. Nip Winters(9-4) took the
loss. He gave up 9 hits and 3 walks in 7 innings.

‘It’s a disheartening loss, no question about it’ said St. Louis’ manager ‘But we have to get over it and get ready for the next game.

Stars………….. 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 1 – 4 10 2
Red Sox……… 0 2 0 0 0 2 1 0 x – 5 10 0

LEFT ON BASE- Stars:10 Red Sox:11
DOUBLE PLAYS- Stars: 0 Red Sox: 1
ERRORS- D.Lundy, D.Malarcher
DOUBLES- M.Dihigo(7th), W.Wells(6th), D.Creacy(5th), L.Santop(5th)
TRIPLES- D.Creacy(3rd)
HOME RUNS- D.Lundy(3rd)
RBIs- D.Lundy(27th), W.Wells(30th), R.Parnell(27th), N.Winters,
D.Creacy-2(18th), L.Santop-2(17th)
STOLEN BASES- S.Poles(4th)
WALKS- D.Lundy, T.Stearnes, M.Dihigo, W.Wells, F.Duncan, J.Lyons, N.Allen,
STRIKE OUTS- D.Lundy, W.Wells, D.Malarcher, J.Lyons, J.Wilson, J.Beckwith,
GIDP- R.Parnell
2-out RBI- N.Winters
RLISP 2-out- M.Dihigo, C.Blackwell, N.Allen, D.Creacy-2, S.Poles-2,
D.Malarcher-2, J.Wilson-2, R.Parnell, L.Santop, J.Beckwith
TEAM RISP- Stars: 3 for 10 Red Sox: 2 for 16

Triple the fun

Ted Trent had an impressive outing and Bill Monroe smacked 2 of the 3 triples KC had and
scored 3 times as the Kansas City Monarchs bested the Pittsburgh Crawfords 6to 2 at Greenlee Field.

Trent(4-7) had a solid outing for Kansas City. He surrendered 4 hits and no
walks in 7 innings. Kansas City out-hit Pittsburgh for the game, 12 to 5.

Ray Brown(5-5) suffered the loss. He allowed 5 runs and 10 hits in 7 innings.

Monarchs…….. 2 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 – 6 12 1
Crawfords……. 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 – 2 5 3

LEFT ON BASE- Monarchs: 9 Crawfords: 5
DOUBLE PLAYS- Monarchs: 1 Crawfords: 1
ERRORS- C.Smith, B.Leonard, H.McNair, R.Dixon
DOUBLES- B.Leonard(12th)
TRIPLES- B.Monroe-2(10th), C.Smith(3rd)
HOME RUNS- B.Leonard(7th), R.Dixon(8th)
RBIs- B.Mackey-2(35th), O.Johnson(15th), R.Dandridge(13th), B.Serrell(8th),
B.Leonard(27th), R.Dixon(27th)
WALKS- O.Johnson, M.Suttles
HIT BY PITCH- O.Johnson, S.Bankhead
STRIKE OUTS– C.Smith, A.Oms, B.Serrell, T.Trent, D.Moore, R.Currie, A.Radcliff,
B.Perkins, R.Brown
GIDP- T.Trent, M.Suttles
2-out RBI- O.Johnson
RLISP 2-out- R.Dandridge-2, B.Monroe, H.McNair, V.Harris, S.Bankhead, A.Oms
TEAM RISP- Monarchs: 4 for 13 Crawfords: 0 for 6

Today’s Top Performers

Tubby Scales

2 for 4, 3B, HR, 2-rbi’s

Rap Dixon

Rap Dixon

2 for 3, HR, rbi

Buck Leonard

2 for 4, HR, Rbi

Ted Trent

7 ip, 4H, 1R, 3 K’s, Win

League Leaders



Kansas City2727.500
St. Louis2529.463

Batting Average

D. MoorePIT.378
T. StearnesSTL.368
J. BeckwithMEM.365
C. SmithKCM.359
O. CharlestonIND.358
P. HillKCM.356
R. CannadyIND.354
B. LeonardPIT.352
C. SmithKCM.346
H. McNairPIT.341


O. CharlestonIND.454
P. HillKCM.430
T. StearnesSTL.430
B. LeonardPIT.418
R. CannadyIND.416
J. WilsonMEM.409
D. MoorePIT.404
J. GibsonCAG.398
W. WellsSTL.398
J. BeckwithMEM.394


B. LeonardPIT41
J. WilsonMEM39
D. MoorePIT37
T. StearnesSTL36
W. WellsSTL36
O. CharlestonIND35
J. BeckwithMEM35
M. SuttlesPIT35
W. BrownIND35
P. HillKCM35

Home Runs

J. BeckwithMEM13
W. WellsSTL12
O. CharlestonIND11
Q. TrouppeIND9
S. PenningtonMEM9
M. SuttlesPIT8
C. SmithKCM8
M. DihigoSTL8
R. DixonPIT8
B. LeonardPIT8


J. BeckwithMEM50
M. SuttlesPIT48
C. SmithKCM46
O. CharlestonIND41
B. MackeyKCM38
W. WellsSTL36
A. RadcliffePIT34
M. DihigoSTL33
B. LeonardPIT33
S. BankheadPIT30


N. WintersSTL9
B. ByrdKCM8
S. JonesPIT8
D. BrownCAG7
S. PaigeMEM7
F. WickwareCAG7
W. McDonaldCAG6
R. FosterMEM6
H. SmithIND6
Many Tied With5


W. McDonaldCAG2.81
N. WintersSTL3.08
M. ManningKCM3.10
B. ByrdKCM3.20
D. BrownCAG3.72
S. PaigeMEM3.79
S. JonesPIT4.12
W. BellIND4.38
SJ WilliamsSTL4.80
C. BrewerPIT4.84

Hits Per 9

W. McDonaldCAG8.21
N. WintersSTL8.23
S. JonesPIT8.40
M. ManningKCM8.78
D. BrownCAG9.23
L. DaySTL9.71
S. PagieMEM9.83
C. BrewerPIT10.00
W. BellIND10.35
R. FosterMEM10.63