Midwest 6 – League Day 40

Game 1

 St. Louis Stars – 9

 Memphis Red Sox – 11

Win – Davis (3-2)
Loss – Dihigo (1-1)
Homeruns – Stearnes (5), Allen – 2(4)

Game 2

 Indianapolis ABC’s – 1

 Chicago American Giants – 5

Win – Wickware (7-5)
Loss – Foster (4-7)

Game 3

 Kansas City Monarchs – 10

 Pittsburgh Crawfords – 4

Win – Byrd (8-4)
Loss – Brewer (4-3)
Homeruns – Smith – 2(7)

 Allen homers lift Red Sox

Newt Allen blasted 2 home runs and had 4 RBI as the Memphis Red Sox rallied
impressively to win in dramatic style over St. Louis Stars, 11 to 9.

Memphis came up with the deciding runs in the 9th inning scoring 4 runners on
4 hits. The key offensive moment was provided by Allen who brought a roar
from the partisan the ballpark fans when he smacked a three-run homer. This
was the kind of game that many fans love as the lead changed hands 5 times.

The win went to Roosevelt Davis(3-2) who allowed 1 run in 1 inning. Martin
Dihigo(1-1) was the losing pitcher in relief. ‘Now that is what I call fun!
I just love baseball, especially games like this, of course,’ Memphis’
manager offered. ‘Everyone at the stadium had a great time – did you see the
fans go wild there at the end?!’

Robinson’s four hits pace win

Neil Robinson had 4 hits and Frank Wickware went the distance at Comiskey Park
where the Chicago Giants beat the Indianapolis ABC’s by the score of 5 to

Chicago went ahead for good in the 6th inning scoring 2 runs using 2 hits.
Josh Gibson led off and started the attack as he drew a walk. Pop Lloyd next
to the plate and he doubled. Judy Johnson then laced a one-base hit scoring
two baserunners. Chicago totaled 11 hits on the afternoon.

The victory went to Wickware(7-5) who went the distance allowing 1 run. Big
Bill Foster(4-7) absorbed the loss. He got hammered, allowing 9 hits and 2
walks in 6 and 1/3 innings.

TOP 1- Bell-Si, CS(Bell), Johnson-F, Charleston-K
BOT 1- Baro-K, Robinson-Si, SB+E-C (Robinson), Torriente-G, Gibson-F
TOP 2- Cannady-Do, Wright-P, Brown-F, Trouppe-W, Marcelle-K
BOT 2- Lloyd-G, Johnson-G, Taylor-G
TOP 3- Foster-G, Bell-F, Johnson-F
BOT 3- Warfield-P, Wickware-P, Baro-Si, Robinson-Si, Torriente-P
TOP 4- Charleston-G, Cannady-G, Wright-Si, SB(Wright), Brown-F
BOT 4- Gibson-K, Lloyd-Do, Johnson-G, Taylor-K
TOP 5- Trouppe-W, Marcelle-K, Foster-G, Bell-HBP, Johnson-K
BOT 5- Warfield-W, Wickware-Force, Baro-K, Robinson-Si, Torriente-G
TOP 6- Charleston-Do, Cannady-G, Wright-Si, SB(Wright), Brown-G, Trouppe-W
PB, Marcelle-K
BOT 6- Gibson-W, Lloyd-Do, Johnson-Si, Taylor-F, Warfield-G-DP
TOP 7- Foster-K, Bell-P, Johnson-G
BOT 7- Wickware-K, Baro-Tr, Robinson-Si, Torriente-Si, Gibson-Si+E-RF
Lloyd-FC, Johnson-FO
TOP 8- Charleston-W, Cannady-G-DP, Wright-W, Brown-F
BOT 8- Taylor-G, Warfield-G, Wickware-G
TOP 9- Trouppe-G, Marcelle-F, Mathis-G

Smith homers bookend blowout win

Chino Smith slammed 2 homeruns and had 3 RBI as the Kansas City Monarchs beat
the Pittsburgh Crawfords by a score of 10 to 4.

Smith enjoyed a big day at the plate. He cleared the fences for a two-run
home run in the 1st inning and smashed a bases-empty ‘big-fly’ in the 9th
inning. Overall Kansas City out-hit Pittsburgh 15 to 12.

Bill Byrd(8-4) picked up the victory, allowing 3 runs in 7 innings. The losing
pitcher was Chet Brewer(4-3). Kansas City scored big getting 5 runs off him
in 4 innings.

TOP 1- Hill-G, Oms-F, Mackey-Si, Smith-HR, Dandridge-G
BOT 1- Moore-F, Bankhead-F, Leonard-Do, Suttles-G
TOP 2- Monroe-F, Serrell-Si, O’Neil-FO, Byrd-K
BOT 2- McNair-Si, Radcliff-W, Dixon-G-DP, Perkins-L
TOP 3- Hill-Tr, Oms-Si, Mackey-G-DP, Smith-G
BOT 3- Brewer-F, Moore-L, Bankhead-F
TOP 4- Dandridge-Si, Monroe-G, Serrell-G, O’Neil-Do, Byrd-Do, Hill-G
BOT 4- Leonard-F, Suttles-P, McNair-Si, Radcliff-Si, Dixon-K
TOP 5- Oms-F, Mackey-Si, Smith-F, Dandridge-F
BOT 5- Perkins-G, Rogan-Si, Moore-F, Bankhead-FO
TOP 6- Monroe-G, Serrell-Si+E-P , O’Neil-G, Byrd-Si, Hill-Si, Oms-Si
Mackey-Si, Smith-F
BOT 6- Leonard-G, Suttles-G, McNair-W, Radcliff-Si, Dixon-Si, Perkins-Si
TOP 7- Dandridge-G, Monroe-W, Serrell-G-DP
BOT 7- Moore-Tr, Bankhead-SF, Leonard-P, Suttles-F
TOP 8- O’Neil-G, Byrd-G, Hill-F
BOT 8- McNair-K, Radcliff-Si, Dixon-L, Perkins-F
TOP 9- Oms-G, Mackey-G, Smith-HR, Dandridge-G
BOT 9- Rogan-E-2B, Moore-P, Bankhead-Si, Leonard-Si, Suttles-F, McNair-F

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Today’s Top Performers

Newt Allen

2 for 5, (2) HR, 4 rbi’s

Chino Smith

Chino Smith

2 for 5, (2)HR, 3 rbi’s

Turkey Stearnes

2 for 4, HR, Rbi


Frank Wickware

9 ip, 5 hits, 6 K’s, Win

League Leaders


Kansas City2727.500
St. Louis2529.463

Batting Average

D. MoorePIT.378
T. StearnesSTL.368
J. BeckwithMEM.365
C. SmithKCM.359
O. CharlestonIND.358
P. HillKCM.356
R. CannadyIND.354
B. LeonardPIT.352
C. SmithKCM.346
H. McNairPIT.341


O. CharlestonIND.454
P. HillKCM.430
T. StearnesSTL.430
B. LeonardPIT.418
R. CannadyIND.416
J. WilsonMEM.409
D. MoorePIT.404
J. GibsonCAG.398
W. WellsSTL.398
J. BeckwithMEM.394


B. LeonardPIT41
J. WilsonMEM39
D. MoorePIT37
T. StearnesSTL36
W. WellsSTL36
O. CharlestonIND35
J. BeckwithMEM35
M. SuttlesPIT35
W. BrownIND35
P. HillKCM35

Home Runs

J. BeckwithMEM13
W. WellsSTL12
O. CharlestonIND11
Q. TrouppeIND9
S. PenningtonMEM9
M. SuttlesPIT8
C. SmithKCM8
M. DihigoSTL8
R. DixonPIT8
B. LeonardPIT8


J. BeckwithMEM50
M. SuttlesPIT48
C. SmithKCM46
O. CharlestonIND41
B. MackeyKCM38
W. WellsSTL36
A. RadcliffePIT34
M. DihigoSTL33
B. LeonardPIT33
S. BankheadPIT30


N. WintersSTL9
B. ByrdKCM8
S. JonesPIT8
D. BrownCAG7
S. PaigeMEM7
F. WickwareCAG7
W. McDonaldCAG6
R. FosterMEM6
H. SmithIND6
Many Tied With5


W. McDonaldCAG2.81
N. WintersSTL3.08
M. ManningKCM3.10
B. ByrdKCM3.20
D. BrownCAG3.72
S. PaigeMEM3.79
S. JonesPIT4.12
W. BellIND4.38
SJ WilliamsSTL4.80
C. BrewerPIT4.84

Hits Per 9

W. McDonaldCAG8.21
N. WintersSTL8.23
S. JonesPIT8.40
M. ManningKCM8.78
D. BrownCAG9.23
L. DaySTL9.71
S. PagieMEM9.83
C. BrewerPIT10.00
W. BellIND10.35
R. FosterMEM10.63