Today’s Friday Freebie will be custom dice files for the Strat-o-Matic PC baseball game. The three files that are used to make up the dice area for the game are:


The WhtdieNew file is for the one dice(which is the default white die) on the left.
The ReddieNew file is for the two dice(the default red die) on the right.
The ABP_Diceback file is the background file(default is blue).
If you are going to use any of the following files, please do not forget to download the background file and change it as well.

Any of the following files can be downloaded, renamed(except for the background file) as one of the before mentioned dice files, and pasted into your data folder within your Strat-o-Matic installation (usually cdrombb\Data\).

To save any of the files below, right-click on the image and then click Save Image As.

I will have more dice color combos coming in future weeks. If you have any special requests, please get a hold of me on Facebook or Twitter.

Please remember to copy and backup your original dice files to a different folder before making changes if you want to go back to the originals.

***Download all of them(dice 1 and 2) in one compressed zip file here***(450k)