Here we go, the last day of previews on 2015’s defensive ratings for Strat-o-Matic Baseball. The 10 players that were released today were suppose to be the one’s that were the most requested.

Cleveland Indians – Francisco Lindor SS-1e17
Houston Astros – Jose Altuve 2B-2e5
Kansas City Royals – Mike Moustakas 3B-2
Chicago Cubs – Addison Russell 2B-2e18; SS-2e12
Colorado Rockies – Charlie Blackmon CF-3; RF/LF-2 (0)
Miami Marlins – Christian Yelich LF-1; CF-3 (+1)
San Francisco Giants – Matt Duffy 3B-2; 2B-3; 1B/SS-4
Baltimore Orioles – Chris Davis 1B-2e5; RF-4e3
Los Angeles Dodgers – Corey Seager SS-4e38; 3B-4e14
San Francisco Giants – Brandon Crawford SS-1e16
St. Louis Cardinals – Jason Heyward RF-1; CF-3 (-4) ‘A’ base stealer, 15 (bonus release after signing with Cubs)